Many retail businesses question whether their customers want e-receipts.

E-receipts offer consumers a number of benefits. For the technology savvy consumer, they are easier to keep track of. They take the messy shoebox full of receipts and organize them in a neat file either on your computer or on the cloud.  In February 2014, Morpace asked US consumers about their receipt preferences. 32% of consumers said they would prefer to receive an email receipt. Whether you are a large company of a small business, having 32% of your consumers on your email list would be a huge benefit to your consumer loyalty program. However, only 35% or retailers currently offer e-receipts, according to a retailer survey conducted by Epsilon, and that one of the top reasons for doing so was to offer their customers the added value of convenience.

Consumers demand for green business practices has reached an all time high.  Environmental consciousness has begun to affect consumer and retailer behavior. A study from Information Resources Inc. found that half of the US consumers polled reported that they consider at least one sustainability factor when deciding where to shop. With receipt creation consuming over 250 million gallons of oil, 10 million trees and 1 billion gallons of water each year in the United States alone, e-receipts also help eliminate an unsustainable practice.

Loyalty programs are quickly becoming common practice among retailers. Consumers are looking to earn specialized deals and personalized discounts for their loyalty. E-receipts can offer consumers an easy way to keep up to date on their favorite companies’ deals, lifestyle events and their loyalty program progress.

Consumers are already requesting the e-receipt option, and as implementation grows, more consumers are likely to jump on board with the idea. Consumers have taken to social media to ask their favorite brands to implement e-receipts, and laud those who do for their wise decisions. Don’t take our word for it, ask some of your loyal customers yourselves and you are likely to see consumers excited about what e-receipts can offer them.