Increase Customer Loyalty and Retention with Receipts

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Increase Customer Loyalty and Retention with Receipts

Many consumers crumple and toss receipts shortly after completing a transaction. So why do retailers still bother? In most cases, it’s because we’re legally mandated. But, this “because I have to” routine has caused retailers to overlook the potential of this seemingly mundane item. In reality, receipts can be a direct line of communication with a customer, and retailers need to think more thoughtfully about using them to add value.

At a recent National Retail Federation annual expo, Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square and co-founder of Twitter, challenged retailers to rethink the potential of the receipt:

What can we do with this everyday tool? What can we build into this canvas that’s actually valuable, that’s independent of the product you just sold? What can you give in this communication channel, this publishing medium, that people want to engage with?

The answer to these questions is quite a lot. Receipts can be a valuable tool for improving customer retention and building loyalty. Here are a few ways to leverage the potential of your receipt:

Go Digital

Converting your business to digital receipts is the first step in breaking the “crumple and toss” habit. Offering the consumer the freedom to review and organize receipts online and at their convenience adds value to the transaction experience.

Tap into Your Hidden Marketing Resource

Now that you have access to your customer’s inbox, continue the conversation by sharing relevant info and content. Use the insight you’ve gathered from digital receipts to send customers tailored deals or suggest items for future purchases. Reward them for their loyalty with personalized deals. Even better, enlist them to be a part of your marketing team by offering them deals for referring a friend.

In his blog Growth Hacking with Email Receipts is a Huge Missed Opportunity Jimmy Daly talks about how Uber, a company that makes mobile application software that connects passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire and ride-sharing services, has spent virtually nothing on marketing by using a $20 referral to turn many Uber customers into salespeople. Some customers have even run their own Facebook ads to generate referrals.

Build Your Brand

Use this new line of communication to build customer loyalty through branding. Let customers know who you are and what your all about. Invite them to upcoming events in their area and connect them to your social media pages and website.

Engage Customers with Relevant Content

Take the opportunity to really engage your customer in ways that go beyond your product list. Add value to your receipt by offering content that builds on the culture and community of your brand. Share tips for using your products better, invite new moms to baby friendly events and classes, or encourage your green community to support sustainable energy initiatives.