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Business Analyst Becomes IT Superhero

Does your retail organization have Business Analysts? If so, how effective are they at being a liaison between IT and stakeholders in Operations and Marketing? Over the past 15 years serving major retailers, we’ve witnessed that Business Analysts typically lack the skills they need to be successful in their roles. They are supposed to be [...]

Retail IT Requires Better Requirements

For any retail IT executive, it likely comes as no surprise that the process of requirements discovery and management can make or break a project. If you do a great job of requirements elicitation from your stakeholders, and implement end-to-end traceability in the requirements management process, your chances of successful project delivery are really good. [...]

The Requirements Traceability Grand Challenge

If we were to survey retail IT executives in North America, most would certainly agree that the concept of requirements traceability makes a lot of sense. The benefits to being able to track a requirement from its origins, through its development, and right through to its eventual deployment are undeniable: All stakeholders would have end-to-end [...]

Why Do So Many Retail IT Projects Fail?

Nobody in IT wants a failed project, yet as we discussed in our last blog post, IT project failure has been a long-standing problem in search of a solution for at least the past two decades. But, why do so many IT projects fail? What are the reasons they are deemed to be unsuccessful? In [...]