For any retail IT executive, it likely comes as no surprise that the process of requirements discovery and management can make or break a project.

If you do a great job of requirements elicitation from your stakeholders, and implement end-to-end traceability in the requirements management process, your chances of successful project delivery are really good. The problem is that this scenario rarely happens.

We’ve noticed that it is a constant challenge for retail IT to get quality input from their stakeholders in operations and marketing. In some cases their needs are simply thoughts in a series of emails. At best they are captured in a Word document, and at worst they are communicated verbally. And, the implementation of end-to-end traceability so that stakeholders can ensure that thier requirements have been captured and delivered upon, is virtually non-existent.

If this is the reality for your organization, you are definitely not alone.

A study conducted by IAG Consulting found that 70% of organizations do not have the fundamental competencies within the requirements discovery process to consistently bring in projects on time, on budget, and on spec:

  • 54% of the organizations surveyed did not have staff trained as professional business analysts, whose role would be to manage this process.
  • 58% of organizations did not have a formalized approach to doing business requirements.
  • 64% of organizations did a poor job of transitioning requirements from non-IT stakeholders into the IT department.
  • 66% of organizations had no defined standards for business requirements documentation quality.
  • 71% of stakeholders in these organizations felt that the process of extracting and documenting requirements was not efficient.

Are these results typical for your retail organization? If so, you require better requirements management in order to foster better on-time, on-budget and on-spec project delivery.

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