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Omnichannel Customer Loyalty Solutions Made Easy

Competitive advantage in retail these days is closely tied to being able to deliver a superior shopping experience for customers, consistently across all channels. One of the things that contribute to a superior shopping experience is recognizing and rewarding the customer for their patronage and loyalty. But many retailers are still not able to do [...]

Shoppers Now Expect E-Receipt Option At Checkout

Since Apple began issuing e-Receipts in their retail locations, more and more shoppers across all retail segments have come to expect this to be the norm. Shoppers really like that a digital version of their receipt can be sent to them via email. If they ever want to make an exchange or return, they no [...]

Save The Sale – A Retail Commerce Solution

Let's pretend that a customer walks into one of your store locations with her heart set on adding to her wardrobe. She searches through the racks and finds a pair of capris pants in sky blue that fit her perfectly. Then she notices another pair in pink pearl, a colour that she absolutely loves. But it's [...]

How To Extend Your Legacy POS Life Span

“Rip and replace”. These three words can often be a Retail IT executive’s worst nightmare. They take too long. They disrupt operations. They cost a lot of money. And, the inherent risk is sure to cause countless sleepless nights. To make matters worse, have you ever noticed that by the time you fully amortize the cost [...]