“Rip and replace”.

These three words can often be a Retail IT executive’s worst nightmare. They take too long. They disrupt operations. They cost a lot of money. And, the inherent risk is sure to cause countless sleepless nights.

To make matters worse, have you ever noticed that by the time you fully amortize the cost of your POS system, you typically need to do another rip and replace in order to keep pace with all the innovations that are happening in retail commerce to enhance the shopping experience of your customers?

So it’s not just a nightmare. It’s a recurring nightmare!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply extend the life span of your legacy POS system so that you could avoid the pain of a rip and replace?

At RedIron we’ve made this a reality. Here are just a few examples of the functionality we’ve been able to add for our clients to extend the life of their legacy POS:

  • End-to-end encryption of sensitive customer data
  • Lock-down of the store environment to prevent unauthorized employee access
  • Enabling chip and pin EMV technology
  • Adding Private Label Credit Cards
  • Generating e-receipts
  • Adjudicating returns to reduce fraud
  • Enabling line busting with mobile POS
  • Implementing Mobile clienteling
  • Adding Customer Loyalty and Rewards programs
  • Facilitating promotional offers

The secret to making this work is our proprietary SOA middleware layer that we call RI Broker. RI Broker handles the communication with the legacy POS in a non-intrusive manner, while our collection of Fast Start Apps handle the desired functionality that needs to be added.

You can learn more about how RI Broker works and the benefits it provides by clicking here to download our complimentary white paper, “Plug-And-Play Integration for Retail IT”.

The entire integration is done using a modular approach, as explained in our previous blog post. Each element of extended functionality (addressed by a Fast Start App) is treated as an independent module that can be eliminated or swapped out at any given time without disrupting the rest of your architecture.

This approach saves you time and money, reduces disruption and risk … helps you sleep better at night.

So, why rip and replace, when you can simply extend the functionality of your legacy POS?

RI Broker White Paper Download