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Implementing Private Label Credit Cards (PLCC)

Offering your retail customers a Private Label Credit Card (PLCC) is a proven method for building your brand awareness, generating loyalty and increasing sales. Retailers who already offer a PLCC program have found that customers using their branded card are more engaged with their store. They are more likely to read the advertisements, and shop in-store or [...]

Retail Enterprise Lockdown Made Simpler

When you think about Retail IT security, the first thing that probably comes to mind are the breaches to confidential customer information that have been perpetrated by hackers in recent years. As a result, there has been a scramble by many retailers to upgrade their use of encryption and end-to-end tokenization to protect that data [...]

Maintaining Enterprise Security for Retail IT

With sensitive customer information now being collected from multiple channels and multiple apps from multiple vendors, the process of protecting data in use, data in motion and data at rest is becoming increasingly complex. The two most common approaches to protecting confidential data are the use of hardware or software keys with some level of [...]