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These products provide you with a forward-looking, PCI compliant store environment so you can focus on what counts.

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2encrypt ensures data protection - without
interfering with other
system programs

2encrypt, developed by RedIron, is one of the most innovative developments in SAP POS applications. For many years, 2encrypt has provided retailers with the peace of mind of protecting their customers’ sensitive data including credit card information.

This SAP POS plug-in protects all sensitive data at rest. It resides on the system so you can access protected data – yet it doesn’t interfere with the program using it. All other SAP POS applications continue to function as they would normally. You get the security of protecting sensitive data, with trouble-free performance.

Take advantage of 2encrypt in your retail operation
  • Provides retailers with exceptional PCI compliant security
  • Encrypts all sensitive data at rest including data in files, databases and registry as well as network transmissions between applications
  • Integrates with multiple cryptography programs and provides key management services
  • 20 recently installed and audited success stories demonstrate RedIron’s proven record of success in providing quick, comprehensive and price-sensitive security