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The powerful loyalty
program you can manage
at point of sale

2loyal brings the customer (new or existing) into the transaction at the point of sale. Created by RedIron, this powerful SAP POS plug-in interacts with third party databases at point to sale to retrieve and capture the information you want. It pulls customer information into the sale – and pushes sale information back out to your database.

Interaction with each customer is customizable, through configurable prompts. You can offer special rewards on an individual customer basis, printed right on the receipt. It searches for customer in the database, collects the data and prints the reward info on the receipt.

2loyal is an integration portal that works seamlessly with a 3rd party database management system. If you don’t have a customer database, 2loyal can also provide database collection to get you started on a powerful, customizable loyalty program.

Imagine how you can customize your loyalty program at point of sale

In real time, you can:

  • Update points totals based on thresholds and award instant rewards
  • Print the customer’s name and contact info on the receipt
  • Update the customer’s buying history
  • Update or view the customer’s buying history