Customer Centric Products

These products are developed to enhance the customer experience.

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Re-create the customer experience in your retail operation

2mobile will dramatically change the way you interact with your customers, and how they interact with you. Dollar for dollar, this exciting new SAP POS extension will enhance the customer experience more than any other store improvement or upgrade.

2mobile integrates seamlessly into your back-end SAP POS system. It allows your sales associates to ring customers through anywhere, anytime using a mobile, handheld device such as Apple iPhone and iPod touch. Your sales team can fill a dual role – on the floor and on cash at the same time.

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Imagine the powerful advantages for your retail operation

  • Line busting is easy
  • Reduce wait times at cash
  • Reduce customer abandonment
  • Scale up and down quickly – put more people on cash instantly
  • Cash through customers easily at special events
  • Increase revenues – process more customers per hour
  • Increase cross-selling and upselling – enhance customer service on the spot
  • Enhance employee productivity – sales associates on the floor can help at cash anytime