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The reward program that's
easy to participate in, and
easy to manage

2reward makes it so easy to offer your customers a reward program without having to manage customer information. Customers don’t have to sign up to participate, reducing line-ups at cash.

This SAP POS plug-in, developed by RedIron, gives you endless ways to build customer loyalty. Any discount or offer can be printed on the receipt, or awarded as a cash card. Issuance and redemption of rewards is tracked in real-time to ensure one-time use and help you better manage your budget.

2reward can run concurrently with other loyalty programs and with any number of reward options. Offer any discount, reward or incentive – and change it anytime.

Imagine all the innovative rewards you can offer

Here are just a few examples of how retailers today are putting 2reward to work for them.

  •  Print a redeemable coupon on the receipt
  • Offer single use or reloadable cash cards
  • Offer discounts or rewards based on a variety of thresholds, or on specific brands
  • Through the printed receipt, invite customers to: visit a website, enter unique IDs, fill out surveys or provide email addresses
  • Capture customer information in real time
  • Print a ticket to an exclusive event

Easy program tracking

Issuance and redemption of rewards is tracked in real-time, ensuring one time use of rewards. 2reward makes it easy to manage active and expiry dates of rewards, and help you to better manage program budgets.