Herb Cline – Co-Founder / Managing Director – Sales & Marketing

Herb has been responsible for new market development, sales and marketing for RedIron since its inception. As chief marketer and RedIron strategist, Herb brings more than 20 years of deep retail systems and technology experience to the RedIron team. His industry leadership experience in senior executive roles with Digital Equipment Corporation, Siemens, TradeMart Technologies is highly regarded and has resulted in long term relationships with our partners and customers across the globe.

Rick Williamson – Co-Founder / Managing Director – Operations

Rick is co-founder of RedIron, responsible for global operations. As chief of operations and RedIron strategist, Rick brings more than 25 years of relevant experience in software product development, customization and implementation expertise to the RedIron team. Rick adds a rich suite of experience to RedIron gained through his experience as VP Product Development at TradeMart Technologies, VP of Technology for Flownetwork, VP of Technology at DoubleClick and Program Manager for a large financial services company. His leadership has resulted in hundreds of successful retail project completions over the years of serving the retail industry as RedIron.

Jeff Patterson – Chief Technology Officer

Jeff is RedIron’s CTO, responsible for software architecture, product development and solution delivery. Jeff is a software engineering & business graduate of the University of Waterloo who brings tremendous technological depth to RedIron gained through 15 years in leadership roles with TradeMart Technologies and a large financial services organization.