We Take A Partnership Approach To Providing Solutions

When you think of RedIron, think “Partner”, not “Vendor”.

We understand that Retail CIOs are finding it difficult to keep pace with the rapidly changing retail environment. Gone are the days when you could focus most of your time and energy on back office functions like supply chain, product life cycle management or ERP for a bricks and mortar retail channel.

Nowadays, you need to worry about satisfying customer demand for a seamless shopping experience across all channels. And, you have to deal with increasing requests for customer-centric initiatives, including cross-channel analytics, omni-channel promotions, loyalty programs and social media activity.

We’re here to take a lot of that burden off of your shoulders and ensure that all future projects happen on time, on budget and on spec.

We want to ultimately become your partner … your single-source solution provider … your “go-to” guys  for enabling retail commerce innovation in your retail operations.

Here’s a summary of what partnering with us means for you:

  • We’ll stay abreast of all the latest retail commerce trends and solution options so you don’t have to.
  • We’ll invest in the relationship by:

– hosting process summits to involve your key management
– creating and maintaining a dynamic profile of your systems
– providing a North-American-based help desk

  • You’ll have access to our Retail Center of Excellence, a repository of retail business process knowledge, proven methodologies and a set of tools forged over 15 years and 100s of projects with the biggest names in retail in North America.
  • We’ll foster successful implementation of future projects by providing you with end-to-end traceability and automated QA testing of all solutions before they are deployed.