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Implementing Private Label Credit Cards (PLCC)

Offering your retail customers a Private Label Credit Card (PLCC) is a proven method for building your brand awareness, generating loyalty and increasing sales. Retailers who already offer a PLCC program have found that customers using their branded card are more engaged with their store. They are more likely to read the advertisements, and shop in-store or [...]

Omnichannel Customer Loyalty Solutions Made Easy

Competitive advantage in retail these days is closely tied to being able to deliver a superior shopping experience for customers, consistently across all channels. One of the things that contribute to a superior shopping experience is recognizing and rewarding the customer for their patronage and loyalty. But many retailers are still not able to do [...]

Increase Customer Loyalty and Retention with Receipts

Many consumers crumple and toss receipts shortly after completing a transaction. So why do retailers still bother? In most cases, it’s because we’re legally mandated. But, this “because I have to” routine has caused retailers to overlook the potential of this seemingly mundane item. In reality, receipts can be a direct line of communication with [...]