Our Culture

What is it like working at RedIron?

RedIron is a collaborative, project based environment. You will learn from the best- working with accomplished software architects, engineers, analysts and quality engineers. You will join us in creating solutions that amaze and delight our customers and achieve a sense of accomplishment that makes every day a fun and exciting experience.

Catered Strategy Sessions

We believe that everyone can contribute ideas to our projects, our direction and our strategy. We regularly hold catered strategy sessions where we put our “pencils down” and take time out to enjoy each other and encourage everyone to participate in lively discussions & debates about what’s going on in our industry, what we’re doing and where we’re going. We regularly publish “The RedIron Briefs” on these topics and our opinions to a wide audience of key people in our industry and we encourage all of our employees to contribute to these Briefs.

Team meeting with catered lunch at the London office

Food Drinks & Snacks

It’s difficult to work hard without nourishment – so we stock our offices with a supply of food, snacks and drinks to keep things going… The food and drink stores are restocked each week and everyone is encouraged to add their favorites to the order sheet for the week.

Outside the Office

We want to encourage everyone to feel like part of the team – and sometimes the best way to accomplish that is to get away from the office space. After work outings are funded on a regular basis. Sometimes its just snacks and a beverage after work – at other times we organize golf tournaments, summer picnics or outings to shoot some pool or bowl a few games.

Out for sushi lunch at the Toronto Office

Office Space

RedIron is a multi-location software engineering shop. We have offices in Toronto, Ontario; Boston, Massachusetts; Las Vegas, Nevada; and London Ontario. Everyone also has the option to work from home either on occasion or on a full time basis depending on preference and project needs. In all locations team members are encouraged to make their space work for them.

Conference meeting at the Toronto office

Brainstorming session at the London office

Our Core Principles

  • We build products that meet our customer’s needs
  • No one works long term on something they don’t like
  • We are multi-disciplinary and respect all disciplines
  • We spend money to make our workplace better
  • We never hide anything within our Company
  • We are multi-cultural and respect all cultures
  • We learn constantly from each other and we teach each other
  • We are open to new ideas and strategies, no matter who is proposing them
  • We respectfully debate each other to get to the best solution