Automated Software QA Testing

Our Automated QA Testing Ensures Successful Project Implementation

As retailers release new builds into their environments, it is important to test how their software will work with existing functionality.

The unique environments in retail mean that software needs to be regression tested and stress tested. Often retailers don’t have the time for a full regression test, let alone a stress test to see how the software handles high volume of transactions.

RedIron has developed an IT quality assurance automation suite to address these issues. First, we work with our retail client to develop a gold standard for their store systems. We use this as the base line.

Next, we recreate the retailers store environment and load our automation software on the register. Then we load a regression test bed that accounts for all the the functions performed within a store.

Finally, our team of QA specialists run the test scripts and adjust the automated runs for the retailer’s environment.

What we get is an automated QA suite that allows the retailer to complete end to end testing at a minimal cost. Retailers no longer have to risk releasing software into their environment without and an end to end test.