RedIron’s Fast Start Apps Save You Time and Money

With over 15 year of retail industry experience and hundreds of products successfully delivered on the most ubiquitous retail systems and platforms, RedIron has identified the issues which challenge CIOs most often and developed a suite of fast start applications that, combined with the processes and practices that comprise our Retail Center of Excellence, can allow our partners to save time and money on project implementations.

From enterprise security to payments, and multi-channel to customer experience, our suite of Fast Start Apps will allow you to get a running start when implementing mission critical projects:

Enterprise Security Apps


2encrypt provides retailers with exeptional PCI compliant security and the peace of mind of protecting all sensititve customer data, including credit card information. It encrypts all sensitive data at rest including data in files, databases and registry, as well as network transmissions between applications.


2prevent affords you complete control (including lockdown capabilities) of the store environment. It includes native OS and web to eliminate employee access to anywhere desired, preventing the use of in-store technology for non-business use while ensuring access to all critical programs, devices, etc. It eliminates access to sensitive data while enabling partial access to necessary programs.

Payments Apps


2capture integrates POS with modern and legacy pin pads and signature capture devices. It supports secure EFT and end-to-end encryption, allows for faster implementation of devices, and captures key customer information.


2authorize integrates your POS with almost every major payment app / provider and frees retailers to move providers as needed. It enables chip and pin (EMV) technology and eliminates sensitive data from POS and downstream. It is compatible with legacy and new technologies and RedIron can support all types of debit, credit, EFT and gift cards.


2credit allows you to enable and manage co-branded credit cards to generate ROI while managing rewards and loyalty. It integrates POS with central credit providers for credit approval, capture of non-sensitive information via cashier and sensitive via signature capture.

Multi-Channel Apps


2order simplifies the management of all orders to be shipped to customers. Search for or create new orders and then edit, recall, refund, return, replace orders. Manage orders across enterprise including different stores or web orders. Integrate with your existing fulfillment system.


2return allows for the management of all returns including refunds and replacements across your enterprise (including web). Capture customer information during return including driver’s license and create alerts to flag mischievous activity. A variety of search mechanisms ensures returns are found and recorded properly.

Save The Sale

Using our Save The Sale app, store associates at checkout are able to place an order online for items that an in-store customer wants to buy, but are out of stock at that location. The online order is shipped to their home, but they can pay for it in-store along with the rest of their bricks and mortar purchases that day.

Customer Experience Apps


2mobile integrates seamlessly into your back-end POS system. It allows your sales associates to ring customers through anywhere, anytime using a mobile, handheld device such as Apple iPhone , iPad or iPod touch. Your sales team can fill a dual role – on the floor and on cash at the same time.


2loyal brings the customer (new or existing) into the transaction at the point of sale. Created by RedIron, this powerful app interacts with third party databases at point to sale to retrieve and capture the information you want. It pulls customer information into the sale – and pushes sale information back out to your database. Interaction with each customer is customizable, through configurable prompts. You can offer special rewards on an individual customer basis, printed right on the receipt. It searches for customer in the database, collects the data and prints the reward info on the receipt.


2reward makes it so easy to offer your customers a reward program without having to manage customer information. Customers don’t have to sign up to participate, reducing line-ups at cash. This app, gives you endless ways to build customer loyalty. Any discount or offer can be printed on the receipt, or awarded as a cash card. Issuance and redemption of rewards is tracked in real-time to ensure one-time use and help you better manage your budget.


Our e-Receipt app provides customers with a digital copy of their receipt at check-out, including bar codes, so they can conveniently return or exchange goods in-store by simply presenting their smart phones. It also permits the creation of custom backgrounds with branding, and the addition of promotional offers.