RedIron’s Retail Traceability Engine is a set of tools that gives retailers end-to-end visibility into their projects and traceability that each requirement is captured and delivered upon.


Inputs fall into two categories: Business Model and Technical Solution.

Each item that we input is referred to a construct. Each construct is unique and is individually tracked along with its relationship to other constructs.

Business Model inputs include all the requirements for the project, workflows, use cases, and test cases.

Technical Solution inputs include all application designs, data flow designs, UI designs, database designs, integrations and configurations.


Outputs are in the form of Static (Reports) or Dynamic (Interactive Tools) that allows a retailer to track visibility and view the system designs.

Static Reports include the traceability matrix, exception reporting, user guide and test case automation scripts.

Interactive outputs include business model simulation and systems model simulation tools to allow retailers to view how the system will work.