One of RedIron’s strengths is “looking under the hood” of your current POS and e-commerce platforms and discovering ways to extend their functionality.

That means that often times, the new functionality you may be looking to implement can be done without having to integrate with other software solutions or replacing your applications.

Ultimately, you save time, money and mitigate risk by extending instead of integrating or replacing.

The list of extension possibilities is extensive, including the addition of functionality for new payment options, loyalty programs, promotional offers, e-receipts, and returns adjudication.

Each extension has a configuration that will allow the retailer fine-grained control over all aspects of the behavior, from the nature of the integration target to the look and feel of the UI (if any), and the functionality being employed in service of the extension.

To take advantage of our platform extension expertise, make sure you involve us in the planning process before you commit to buying and integrating software that you may not need.