As a retail CIO you may now be facing a rip and replace scenario. Perhaps your current POS platform is nearing end of life, or the vendor doesn’t provide the functionality you need to remain competitive in a modern retail environment.

RedIron has a proven 20-week programmatic strategy in place to analyze your current environments and manage the change process as you move to a new set of systems.

Our migration model is based on making POS the launching pad for loosely coupled functional components, allowing the accumulation of functionality outside of POS until the final removal of the legacy POS can be accomplished. The vision that RedIron promotes is a gradual progression from legacy POS to a SOA retail store without the need to halt delivery of features and function to the business in the transition.

A challenging aspect to migration is also the impact on the integration points with other systems. There are two ways that RedIron can help in this area:

  • First, we’ll integrate in-store functionality with the existing online transaction engine, leveraging the existing integration of the online world, while allowing the legacy POS integration to fade.
  • Second, we have the ability to put ourselves between the legacy POS and the existing integration points to migrate integration piece meal, thereby avoiding the risk of the big bang cutover.

The sooner we become involved as a “partner” in the planning and budgeting process, the more helpful we can obviously become in developing the best migration solution for your environment.

If platform migration is a looming priority for you, let’s talk now about partnering to foster project success using our Retail Center of Excellence.