As a modern retail CIO, you don’t want to be pigeon-holed into a single vendor. You want to be able to pick the best solutions across vendors and interact with your customers flexibly.

The problem is that picking best of breed systems typically requires tedious integration projects that can stretch months, if not years.

RedIron has developed a proprietary platform called RI Broker, to ease the typical pain of retail commerce integration.

RI Broker operates as a middleware layer. We connect all applications to RI Broker as independent modules and have this middleware manage the communication between them. This way you aren’t developing custom integrations into your legacy systems each time a new application is brought on board.

Furthermore, by isolating each application as an independent module, you decrease the cost of re-work when you need to upgrade or replace the application. For example, by connecting POS to RI Broker, you don’t have custom connections for things like e-commerce, ERP, analytics, or loyalty, and when you need to replace POS, you only need to integrate the new POS application to RI Broker.

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