Omnichannel customer experience solutions

RedIron Enables A Consistent Omnichannel Customer Experience

RedIron connects best-of-breed POS and e-commerce solutions to deliver enterprise-wide visibility and centralized management of all orders.

We’ll help you give your customer what they want by enabling them to interact seamlessly with your retail environment on their own terms, whether they’re shopping online or in store. They’ll be able to purchase, order, ship and return products through their channel of choice.

The RedIron Retail Center of Excellence features Fast Start Apps that can help you more quickly implement common omnichannel solutions:

  • Our 2order App simplifies the management of all orders across the enterprise including different stores or via the Internet, and integrates with your existing fulfillment system
  • Our 2return App enables you to view all transactions taking place across the enterprise in real time, whether in a store or on line, thereby eliminating the risk of multiple returns against the same receipt

Lets’ talk about partnering to enable a consistent omnichannel experience for you and your customers.