EMV integration solutions

RedIron Enables Payments Solutions

Advances in technology, changing compliance requirements and the constant demand from customers for a more convenient and streamlined payment process across all channels make it difficult for retail CIOs to keep their systems current and competitive.

And right now the need to implement an EMV solution that works seamlessly with the rest of your environment may be your top priority.

We understand that you don’t have time to research all the options available to determine the best payments solutions for your business. That’s why, when you partner with RedIron, we do that work for you. We start by keeping abreast of all the latest trends, including hardware and software innovations.

Then we take the time to thoroughly understand your needs and examine your current system architecture so we can recommend what solutions will work best for you. For example, every EMV solution we have implemented so far for our customers has been different. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution.

Finally, we’ll implement that solution for you in a timely way that minimizes cost, maximizes efficiency, and leaves you with an artifact of what you have and how it all works.

The RedIron Retail Center of Excellence features Fast Start Apps that can greatly speed up your solution implementation on many of the most common POS issues :

  • Our 2authorize App enables chip and pin (EMV) and eliminates sensitive data from POS and downstream
  • Our 2capture App integrates with current generation and legacy pin pads and signature capture devices
  • Our 2credit App manages co-branded credit cards to generate ROI while encouraging rewards and loyalty

Let’s talk about partnering to enable payment solutions right for your business.