Why RedIron?

We make your SAP POS system work better for you

At RedIron, we take the time to understand your retail business and customize your SAP POS system with enhancements to help you achieve your business goals. As a Gold Partner, we know SAP POS systems inside and out. So the product solutions we develop work seamlessly without affecting your core business systems. We are committed to providing retailers with secure, feature-rich store systems that help grow their business – at an affordable price.

We have the strategy that moves you into the future easily

POS customizations make upgrading to the latest version costly. Our architecture allows you to get the functionality and features you need into your system now, and help you minimize the cost of future upgrades.

Trusted performance

RedIron is the number one implementation and upgrade service provider for SAP POS systems. For over 10 years, we have completed hundreds of successful customization projects for top tier retailers around the globe.